Galapagos Diving Cruises

If you want your Galapagos vacation to feature even more adventure and excitement, consider booking a Galapagos diving cruise. These itineraries travel to the best diving spots and include all the necessary guidance and equipment to ensure you have a fantastic time. Cruises in this category offer this unique experience along with everything else the Galapagos Islands have to offer.

Master Guides

Diving cruises include experienced staff so you can have a safe underwater adventure. Accompanying you on your journey are dive instructors and guides to help you suit up and prepare for your dive. No matter your skill level, a committed team is there to guide you. As island experts, your crew also has extensive knowledge of the Galapagos region and can direct you to the best diving spots in the area.

Diving Equipment and Accommodations

In addition to a knowledgeable team, each Galapagos scuba diving cruise offers equipment and wetsuit rental. You won’t have to worry ahead of time about securing these necessary items—your cruise staff will have everything you need available for rent. The vessels also come fully optimized for diving purposes with appropriate platforms, showers, and rinse tables.

Additional Activities

When you select a diving cruise, it won’t limit you to this activity alone. Our Galapagos diving cruises offer well-rounded entertainment, so you can experience adventure in the water and on dry land. On your cruise itinerary, you can kayak, hike, or just enjoy the sunshine. You’ll also have several opportunities to check out local wildlife or hit the beach for some relaxing fun. Select cruises also feature naturalist guides to help you navigate the Island’s most fascinating discovery spots.

Experience a Galapagos Diving Cruise Adventure

Reach out to us if you have any questions about our diving cruises. If you’re ready to book, start your cruise search now to find the right itinerary for your Galapagos underwater adventure.