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Our mission is to offer vacationers a stress-free, top-shelf travel experience around Galapagos, Ecuador, and Peru. Galapagos Islands Vacations is owned and managed by Columbus Travel, one of the principal online travel agencies in Ecuador. Our team of cruise experts has 23 years of experience working in the tourism industry, planning cruises in the Galapagos.

Booking your cruise with Galapagos Islands Vacations will assure you excellent rates, and the highest customer satisfaction.

History of Columbus Travel

Columbus Travel was born out of the collaboration of current CEO Luisa Cordova and former CEO Kjetil Haugan managing the Simon Bolivar Spanish School in Quito, Ecuador beginning in 1994. Columbus Travel started as a natural extension of the school’s mission, organizing highest quality cultural and wilderness experiences throughout Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

From its founding in 1997, Columbus Travel proliferated, becoming one of the most respected and highest-volume travel agencies in Ecuador. Our team has helped thousands of guests around the globe experience, creating once in a lifetime experiences.

Meet the Team

Our destinations experts are the center of the Galapagos Islands Vacations experience,

Dayana Loza

Destination Expert

Traveling is absolutely worthwhile. I genuinely believe that traveling will help you improve your understanding of other cultures and will broaden your horizons. It also allows you to experience places you never imagined existed. For me, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands are just that, they are hidden gems yet to be discovered, and they both must be on your traveling bucket list.

Ecuador’s diversity is present in its people, culture, and cuisine. From the high mountains of the Andes to the Exotic Amazon Jungle, and the alluring beaches of the Pacific Coast. Moreover, The Enchanted Isles a pristine paradise full of endemic wildlife and astonishing views that will take your breath away. As an avid traveler myself, there is no better profession for me than to help other adventurers to explore these extraordinary places. Don’t hesitate and travel with us because the memories you create here will last forever.

Pablo Rea

Destination Expert

What made me discover my inner part of becoming a destinations expert? Well, it is quite simple, I do believe that traveling and helping others travel provides a powerful feeling of accomplishment. I am craving for new experiences and new challenges. As a European, I came to Ecuador drone by reading enthrall articles on the internet about the enchanted Islands of the Galapagos, Amazon Rainforest, and the fantastic landscapes of the Andes Mountains. I have been exploring Ecuador for the past 3 years, which helped me create beautiful memories and powerful bonds with other tourists during my travels. I never left again. After I finished my travels around Ecuador, I decided that it is worth spreading around the knowledge accumulated in my years of traveling and I started collaborating with Columbus Travel by offering my comprehension over this beautiful country to future guests that have the same desire I had when I first arrived. Traveling enriched my life by learning and discovering a new language, exotic cuisine, as well as a different culture; this brings joy to my life, and I want my guest to feel the same.