Top Tours in Ecuador

What Are the Best Tours in Ecuador?

Ecuador is a land of staggering natural and cultural wealth, home to one of the most influential pre-Hispanic tribes in South America, as well as some of the highest rates of biodiversity on the planet. All-inclusive scenic tours provide guests with a comprehensive yet detailed look into the diversity of Ecuador in just a short amount of time. Below, we have summarized some of Ecuador’s highlights to help you identify the best tours in this breathtaking country.

Start at the Heart

The capital city of Quito is an excellent departing point on your Ecuadorian tour. Centrally located and a nexus of transportation, you can go anywhere with the right knowledge. Yet, Quito, in and of itself, is a beloved destination for travelers. This UNESCO heritage site was awarded its title thanks to the beautiful historic district at its center. Including places such as La Compania church, the Presidential Palace, the monastery of San Francisco, and the Panecillo Hill, to name a few. From here, visitors can head north to Otavalo, south along the Avenue of Volcanoes and Cuenca, or southeast to Baños – all just a few hours away!

Avenue of Volcanoes

Heading south from Quito will take you through a maze of some of Ecuador’s most famous volcanoes, including the twin Ilinizas, Rumiñahui, and the world-renowned Cotopaxi. Ecuador is divided into two by the Andes Mountain Range, making the volcanoes a central feature in the country, both literally and culturally. Ecuadorian mythology is littered with volcanoes, transformed into Gods, husbands, and princesses. Setting your eyes on the mighty Cotopaxi Volcano, the tallest active volcano in the world, and second-most symmetrical, it´s not hard to see why.

Culture, Shopping, and Color

Within the Andes region, but this time heading north from Quito, visitors will pass by the Middle of the World, located on the equator, as they head towards OtavaloOtavalo hosts the country’s most successful indigenous market, also considered one of the most successful in South America thanks to the stunning quality of its products. Take your time as you wander past hand-woven tapestries, wooden carvings, stone and metal jewelry, and alpaca sweaters to ease the chilly Andean temperatures.

Gateway to the Amazon

Southeast from the capital, the highland scrub will begin to give way to abundant greenery and an entirely new scene of wildlife in Baños. Located about 6,000 feet above sea level, Baños is where mountains meet the jungle, which has resulted in a uniquely exotic, but laid-back town.

The mighty Tungurahua overlooks the town and is known for being one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Often giving off a bright glow at night as the lava lazily flows over its rim. Baños is also known for its waterfalls, hot springs, extreme sports, and the swing at the end of the world. (If you have the chance, stop by Quilotoa, an emerald-green volcanic lake, on your way to Baños).

A Pre-Columbian Gem

In the southern-most region of Ecuador sits Cuenca, the country’s third-largest city and monument of the many pre-Columbian cultures that once inhabited the area. Ingapirca, situated outside the town, dates back to the 15th century and is the most extensive Inca ruins in Ecuador. However, Cuenca itself is also a UNESCO Heritage Site. Its beautiful cobblestone streets lined with red-roofed buildings, flowers, and fabulous restaurants.

Each region of mainland Ecuador holds a unique story of its own and offers tourists a beautiful look into a new world of nature, history, and culture. Better yet, Ecuador’s rail system connects many of the country’s highlights, even bringing passengers almost 10,000 feet down to Ecuador’s coastal region. Experience the country yourself with the help of an all-inclusive scenic tour!

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