Your Dream Honeymoon in the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands, with their graceful blend of priceless beauty, peaceful isolation and fascinating natural history, provide honeymooners with the perfect getaway. More than just an evolutionary hotspot, this equatorial archipelago is also an outstanding, but little known, honeymoon destination. Couples looking to escape from the rapid pace of modern life will be wonderfully surprised by the memories to be created amidst the breathtaking array of landscapes, flora, and fauna in the Galapagos Islands, as well as the peace and adventure they offer.


A mere three percent of the Galapagos Islands are inhabited by humans and, sitting nearly 1,300 kilometers (800 miles) from the closest landmass, its greatest external influence is seemingly the rays of the sun as it blazes across the sky. The Galapagos Islands long lay unknown to the majority of civilization, and so have been able to evolve at their own pace for millennia. Dandelions were left to develop into a new species of towering trees, tortoises have grown to enormous sizes and, perhaps even more fascinating, Galapagos wildlife never learned to fear humans. As you lounge along the crystalline shorelines of the Galapagos Islands, birds will dive into the water before you, marine iguanas will lay soaking up the sun, and sea lion pups will fearlessly waddle by. Finding a more peaceful picture than that is difficult!

Breathtaking Views

Whether it be hiking the peaks of its volcanic craters, exploring the colorful subtropical forests of the highlands or merely relaxing on the soft, white sand of Flour Beach as the last rays of sunlight skitter across the turquoise water, the Galapagos Islands are not short on stunning scenery. The islands formed from volcanic eruptions bursting through the ocean floor and the resulting geological formations have brought the Galapagos worldwide fame. In fact, one of the more famous icons, Pinnacle Rock, was in the blockbuster movie “Master and Commander.” On the other hand, the islands won the World Travel Awards for South America’s Leading Beach Destination in 2018. Visitors are amazed by the variety of beaches that these islands hold, and many have formed within natural coves that protect bathers from ocean currents. Nevertheless, it is components such as the fluffy frigate bird chicks waddling around their nests, the infamous Darwin Finches as they peck for seeds or insects and the stunning blue-footed boobies that really bring the beauty of these islands together to create a natural paradise that will take your breath away.

Activities to Enrich Your Honeymoon

The diverse range of Galapagos landscapes also provides couples with a multitude of adventures to enjoy during their honeymoon. Couples are able to climb up the sides of volcanoes and gaze out across the expanse of the Pacific Ocean. In the highlands, visitors have the opportunity to speak with local farmers and learn about the production of sugar cane, chocolate, and coffee, or explore lava tunnels and enormous pit craters. However, don’t forget that a large portion of the Galapagos National Park consists of the surrounding marine habitat, which boasts the highest fish biomass known to science. Imagine diving among a school of hammerhead sharks on your honeymoon, spelunking in underground caves or snorkeling alongside sea turtles!

Nevertheless, after a day of exploring, there’s nothing as lovely as relaxing with your loved one along the edge of the water, watching the sun slowly sink below the horizon. Hold onto this particular moment with your partner in a land where time has stopped, but memories last a lifetime. The Galapagos Islands will give you and your new spouse a honeymoon unlike any other.

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